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How bad reviews can help your company

One of the major problems a company can have is bad reviews. So many companies dread bad reviews that it is a major reason why they strive to satisfy their customers. However, there are several ways that bad reviews can help your company. Even when you are getting a lot of good reviews from your customers, as a business owner, you should be very interested in the bad reviews that your company has been getting. You should also read good reviews. The good reviews will help you know what customers love about your company and you would know to continue to do so. However, this article will discuss the different ways bad reviews can help your company.

It would help you know that you have a bad customer service department

When you observe that you are having a significant number of negative reviews about your company on the Internet, it should make you have a poor customer service department. Your customer service department is supposed to serve two major duties. The first is to address whatever grievances customers have and make sure that the problem is completely solved. If this is properly done, the customer would not go-ahead to leave a bad review for the company. Secondly, they are supposed to inform departments, while copying your office about complaints of the customers so that you are aware, and the department can try to sort it out. Thus, if the first place you get to know about major consistent complaints about your company is on review platform without any records of the customer service department reporting it to your office and the department involved, it means they are not doing the right thing. You would be able to easily know if you have to remind your customer service department on how to do their job or to change them.

It would help you know what departments there are lapses in your company

Through consumer feedback, you would know what departments within your company are not functioning properly. If customers complain that the products that they receive were not durable and it got spoilt after a few days, then you would know your production department has issues. If, on the other hand, the complaints were about the fact that the products were okay, but the packaging was rough or it took longer than expected, then you could trace the fault to the packaging and shipping department. It might also be that the customers are complaining about how poor the website is, they can’t track their goods, or it is very difficult to complete their orders. In this case, you would want to talk to your IT department. Thus, bad reviews can help you know which department(s) in your company is problematic and you would be able to address it.

You would know what your company is doing wrongly

With bad reviews, you would be able to get to know everything your company is doing wrongly. You would subsequently be able to work towards fixing all those wrong things. When you can finally fix those wrong things and you are lucky to still get some patronage, the narrative would quickly change, and you would start to get positive reviews. Within a short while, you will start to see the results of the adjustments you have done in fixing the reasons for the complaints and the positive reviews you are starting to enjoy.

You would get to know what your customers want and work towards it

In the process of reading bad reviews, apart from knowing what your company is doing wrongly, you would also be able to read in between the line to know what your customers want. You could also read the positive and negative reviews about other companies too that produce the same products with you to get full information about what your customers and prospective customers will want. You can take advantage of such information to create products that would attract unsatisfied customers from other companies to your own company.