Bad Economy – Extreme Tactics

You may be thinking to yourself, I don’t need to hear anything about being tough in a tough economy, I’m doing just fine, and that’s what I thought too. My whole life I never got laid off and I never went without a Job unless I wanted to. Times are different now; you almost can’t be overly prepared.

So here are some of the things I wish I would have done a long time ago to prevent at least a little of the difficulty getting through this bad economy.

  • Tip one- Never say it couldn’t happen to you. When you think you are invincible you aren’t going to make any preparations for the worst case scenario. You might be thinking, it doesn’t matter, even if I lose my job I can get another one very quickly, and hopefully you are right. My question to you is what if you are wrong, are you prepared?
  • Tip two- Get prepared. Going through a really bad economy can be like going through a natural disaster, if you are

Creative Financing Techniques in a Down Economy


Creative financing can help most sellers to not only sell their property but may also aid in getting the higher asking price or very close to the full asking price.

Many buyers whether first time or moving into something bigger are looking for financing in an economy that is experiencing a big reform and stricter rules of extending credit. Banks at this time are very leery of government backlash if they do anything remotely close to sub-prime lending. The answer is creative financing.

Many sellers do not understand creative financing, but in this upside down slowly getting better economy a seller will have to understand creative financing if they wish to sell their property sooner rather than later.

Creative strategies such as lease option, seller assisted down payments, seller held second or even first mortgage. All can be better options than not selling the property. Use of these types of strategies can also help in selling a property close to if not the full asking price.

So instead of trying to wait for the economy to

What Software are a Must-Have for Businesses?

No matter the scale of a business, the running activities can become overwhelming and reduce efficiency. The load of work can become cumbersome to the point that mistakes begin to creep into the system; that is why businesses are automating their activities using adequate software.

Business application software is a program that can be run on a computer to simplify business-related tasks. Organizations of all levels are investing in this business software, for it ensures efficiency, saves time, and increases profit in the long run. But before investing in any of this software, business owners have to know how this software will help their business.

Top Business Software

From software reviews, you can quickly spot software that business outfit use and how they fare in terms of performance. Some of the top recommended software for all size of business includes:


This software is perfect for project and task management with excellent features that enable a business owner to track time spent on a task. It does many business functions and streamlines all business activities in one platform. The application is compatible with android and apple smartphones, allowing business

Corporate Updates from NASDAQ ALEC Second Quarter 2020 Financial Results

stock market hours

Alector Inc or NASDAQ: ALEC at is a leading clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company pioneering in immune-neurology. It is a novel therapeutic approach for the treatment of neurodegeneration. The company stocks have maintained a level of decent returns since its IPO debut at Nasdaq IPO in 2013.

The good performance of the ALEC stock can be attributed to the ongoing clinical trials INFRONT-3 trial of AL001 for the treatment of frontotemporal dementia (FTD) and INVOKE trial of AL002 for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease which are displaying promising results and might further contribute to the stocks of the company.

NASDAQ: ALEC contemporary stock value:

Alector Inc (NASDAQ: ALEC) stock price is at a negative of −0.25 UDB (1.82%) at 13.45 USD. It opened trading on 14th August with a value of 13.12USD and had the highest pick at 13.45 while the lowest pick was at 13.15 at the opening. Therefore, the ALEC stock value maintained a negative position in today’s market evaluation. Alector Inc now holds a total market capitalization of USD 1.066Billion. It’s P/E Ratio is currently not available. Its 52-week high

How bad reviews can help your company

One of the major problems a company can have is bad reviews. So many companies dread bad reviews that it is a major reason why they strive to satisfy their customers. However, there are several ways that bad reviews can help your company. Even when you are getting a lot of good reviews from your customers, as a business owner, you should be very interested in the bad reviews that your company has been getting. You should also read good reviews. The good reviews will help you know what customers love about your company and you would know to continue to do so. However, this article will discuss the different ways bad reviews can help your company.

It would help you know that you have a bad customer service department

When you observe that you are having a significant number of negative reviews about your company on the Internet, it should make you have a poor customer service department. Your customer service department is supposed to serve two major duties. The first is to address whatever grievances customers have and make sure that the problem is completely solved. If this is properly

How to Improve Your Credit Score

A credit score is one of the most important things in life. It is a number that tells a bank or any other lender whether you are a good borrower. This score is calculated by a company that collects your financial transactions from other lenders. For example, when you borrow money from a bank, the bank sends this information to a bureau. The bureau then does the calculation. Your credit score is probably the reason why a bank or an online lender refused to give you a loan. In this article, we will look at the various ways of improving your credit score.

Pay Your Debt on Time

The simplest way of improving your credit score is to ensure that you pay your debt on time. This is an important thing because this information will be given to credit bureaus. It will help to determine the amount of money that you can borrow. Therefore, if you have a loan, we recommend that you pay the money back on time. Failure to do this can make you be blacklisted. A good way to do this is to only borrow the amount of money that you can pay

Tips to Stabilize Your Finances

As families struggle through the current recession it is important to remember that this is not the first nor the last time that the economy will take a turn for the worse. In knowing this you should also know there are a few simple ways to prepare you finances to ensure you weather the current cycle and remain in a position to benefit when the economy takes it’s next turn; hopefully for the better Digital signature.

  1. Have multiple streams of income- A few decades ago it was standard procedure to graduate from either high school or college and establish yourself with a company for the long haul. Those times have changes and if you wish to be financially secure it is important to understand the benefit of having multiple streams of income. Even if you have a great job with a great salary in times when the economy falters layoffs and downsizing become a reality many people are simply not prepared for. If you depend on just one source of income and you lose that income your finances can quickly

Economic Bandage Won’t Help Economy

The sub prime mortgage crisis began and just hit its peak, according to some economic analysts. In my opinion, it has been long in coming. The basic issue was that lenders issued mortgages at low rates that were adjustable. At the low rate, home buyers were able to squeak out payments. But, when the interest rates rose and monthly payments rose, the consumer was unable to pay. Many loans were given to people at the economic margin and anyone with an elementary education should have seen that those consumers could not afford a doubling of their payments. Anyone looking for details can easily Google “mortgage crisis” and get more financial information than you could probably use.

One may also recall the savings and loan crisis of the late 70s and early 80s which, according to some, led to the recession in 1991-92. Again, the approach was a bandage in the form of a bailout. And today, we see another bailout, but not a cure. Economic news has seen the current financial woes spread across the world thanks to globalization. The economic markets have become so entangled that if one suffers, they all are affected. This is

Saving in the Current Economy

That is sometimes a really good thing because it is then that we actually realise what we waste money on. Not to mention that once you begin to cut back you can see that you are still OK and that if you had saved some of that money over the years you might have $30k in saving’s right!:) I know that a lot of us are now forced into being more conscious of what we are doing to the point where people are actually growing their own vegetables and using their mind’s to think outside the box a little more. We have had to do this for Millennia really so it is no different now. See what I mean there? You see that a perceived negative situation can bring about forced change that actually starts us thinking a bit more about being industrious instead of just living or existing each day like a cycle of negative perceived reality of the downturn, which I think is wrong anyway.

What can you do now to cut back? What can you do that might have a profound affect on your next ten years of life? What changes can you make